Starting an academic career at U of T can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience—for you and your student. Encourage your student to be their own best advocate at university and to build their own supportive community at U of T. Let them know that at home, family and friends are available to support them too. 

Resource Checklist

Here is a checklist of resources for family, friends and students at U of T and ideas for discussions you may want to have with your student:

  • Attend a Parents & Supporters Webinar at U of T.
  • Register for the Parents & Supporters Newsletter!
  • Understand your student’s privacy rights. At U of T, records and information about students are private and can only be shared with their expressed written consent.
  • Establish mutual communication expectations between you and your student in order to stay connected throughout the academic year.
  • Discuss finances and encourage your student to create a financial plan using the Budget Your Year at U of T online calculator.
  • Take a look at the Campus Safety page and encourage your student to download the Campus Safety app.
  • Recommend that your student keeps their emergency contact information updated in ACORN.
  • Familiarize yourself with U of T Accessibility Services. If your student needs academic accommodations to support a known, or suspected, temporary or permanent/chronic disability, encourage them to register with Accessibility Services.
  • Encourage your student to get excited and think about how they are going to tackle their studies and find ways to be involved in the campus community
  • Ask your student if they received their Summer calendar and checklist for newly admitted students. It includes lots of ways your student can set themselves up for success before they start classes in September. The calendar is mailed to domestic students and emailed to international students.
  • Encourage your student to activate their UTORid and TCard before the start of their first semester. Once classes begin, students may use their UTORid and Tcard to access online resources. Since an online appointment and digital photo are required before receiving a Tcard, we recommend that students make arrangements for their TCard before coming to campus. Information on what documentation is needed, how to submit a photo and how to book an appointment can be found at