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The University of Toronto at St. George (UTSG) is the largest university campus in Canada. With 62,864 students (43,790 are undergraduates) and a decentralized administration structure, navigating U of T can be confusing without some context. 

Once your student has been accepted to the University of Toronto, they will be connected with a faculty: a department that will support their learning and a place where they can go for help. At U of T there are five faculties which support undergraduate students working towards a bachelor’s degree. 

Exterior of University College
University of Toronto: Applied Science & Engineering, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Architecture, Landscape, & Design, Arts & Science (Innis, New, St. Michael's, Trinity, University, Victoria, & Woodsworth), Music

U of T’s undergraduate faculties are:

Students accepted into the Faculty of Arts & Science are also assigned to one of seven colleges.

U of T’s colleges include: 

Each college has its own culture, social opportunities and core services for its students, including academic advising, accommodation services and supports, orientation, financial advising and assistance, scholarships, and bursaries.  

If your student is part of Applied Science & Engineering; Architecture, Landscape, and Design; Kinesiology & Physical Education; or Music, they will also be part of their faculty’s supportive community which offers unique services and opportunities for its students.   

Regardless of the college or faculty your student belongs to, all students have access to many institutional services through the Division of Student Life.

With so many great communities and supports available to students, opportunities at U of T are endless. However, U of T can also seem overwhelming at first glance. Check out the Undergraduate Students page for additional resources and information on how to refer your student.